Dear Pieter,

On behalf of the Suncorp Insurance Leadership team, we would like to say a significant thank you for your time and professionalism in the facilitation of our recent Risk Workshop.

We recognise that you invested many hours in the initial meetings with individuals to understand their views, concerns, pain points and desired objective from the workshop, to ensure the best outcome was received from the final half day group session. Your insights and “pre-read paper” provided an objective view and a point from which to start the open discussions.

I think the workshop was facilitated with skill and enabled all participants to have a voice and share their views with succinctness, and impact. Cultivating an environment in the room that enabled a contentious and pertinent topic to elicit frank and open discussions, with a united outcome, was very much appreciated. Thank you.

The challenge for us now, will be to follow through on the agreed actions and we look forward to including you in the evolution of our Risk journey at Suncorp.


Julie Skinner

Executive Manager, People Experience 

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With change the constant, having a sounding board outside your business can sometimes assist you when spending time On your business.