Lifetime of Giving

New Social Venture

A new Social Venture designed to create a better Volunteer Marketplace

Current State: The Volunteering ’marketplace’ in Australia, both skilled and unskilled, is inefficient and fails to deliver sufficient value for its stakeholders (volunteers, NFP’s and Charities).

Desired state: A vibrant, online community of engaged volunteers who   can elect, over their lifetime to contribute their time and expertise to upskill and enable the critical work performed by the Third Sector


The idea to be tested:

A member-based App called ‘Lifetime of Giving’ which aims to:

1. Create an efficient marketplace for volunteers to flag their interest, identify suitable opportunities and engage with purpose with the Third Sector

2. Skilled volunteering which brings pro-bono consulting expertise to solve business problems in the 3rd Sector

3. Semi/Unskilled volunteering at scale to help the Third Sector deliver their services, including delivery of voluntary Emergency Services (SES, RFS etc) 

4. Provide  structured feedback on volunteer experiences to help members build their Social CV. This could form their ‘below the line’ (formal work experience) LinkedIn credentials.


Other features to test:

Partnership model that brings together best of breed partners and collaboration to solve the problem.

That a community of best practice be developed within the NFP/Charity sector which aims to upskill business capability (ie sharing case studies/Blogs/benchmarks)

How building scale can assist in emergency disaster response to mobilise volunteers

Empowering, Enabling, Enhancing