Workplace Mediation

There are so many ways that relationships get frayed at work.  Sometimes misunderstandings happen between managers and staff or managers might disagree about shared decisions or people working together disagree about how to approach shared work.  Sometimes it involves cultural clashes, undesirable behavior and general misunderstandings.

Mediation is a structured and impartial process where these issues can be effectively dealt with.

Pieter can work with individuals and teams to design a process to identify the different things that people are unhappy about, explore them, and work out ways of dealing with them.

Mediation can involve two people or the whole team. It is really a matter of working out who needs to be involved and then designing a process where everyone can have their say, contribute to options and participate in negotiating the final solution.

Workplace Mediation can be a really positive team building experience

Nationally Accredited

Pieter is a Nationally Accredited Mediator and is a Professional Member of the Mediation Institute.