Janzo Consulting

Pieter is the principal and founder of Janzo Consulting

A senior executive with 30 years experience in top-level financial services and business transformation roles, he has strong ability to master a situation quickly and become fluent in the key technical, financial, information and leadership aspects of a business. Effectively uses organising, directing and collaboration to achieve desired results with business transformations a specialty.

 Talent for proactively identifying and resolving problems - reversing negative sales and service trends, optimising sales force effectiveness, controlling costs, maximising productivity and lifting profit.   

Strengths in:

  • Leading teams through complex change; divestments, integrations and transformations with focus on business continuity, customer and people
  • Executive coaching
  • Effective governance in an increasingly complex regulatory environment
  • Driving Insurance Sales in a post-Hayne environment 
  • Organisation design to foster team effectiveness and cross functional collaboration

Pieter has worked in a lot of different settings and industries in the last 30 years and has been privileged to be part of some amazing high performing teams. After 20 years in various Executive and Executive Director roles, Pieter is now working with a more diverse range of clients in an interim executive, contract and consulting capacity.

Known for ability to:

Create and articulate corporate vision and then move teams to embrace and deliver it. 

Attract talented people and allow teams to take creative risks that are the fuel of innovation. 

Drive self and others hard, whilst managing with honesty and respect at all times, building staff loyalty that delivers results.