Business Mentoring

One-on-one Mentoring suits those business owners and entrepreneurs who are committed to long term sustainable growth of their business.

A private advisor can assist in many ways to optimise your business success by:

- Reviewing your current business model and objectives and 

- Reviewing your value proposition and strategic strengths and weaknesses

- Better understanding (and plan for) impacts of recent and pending industry change and regulation

- Critically analysing performance against key industry benchmarks and develop action plans to close any gaps

- Reviewing organisation design to ensure people, teams and culture are high performing

- Improving staff performance management

- Addressing conflict with workplace mediation 

Pieter can perform a range of services including advising, challenging business cases for investment, reviewing strategy and performance levels and can work with you to hold you accountable to your goals.

Pieter has supported a range of small, medium and larger organisations, specifically in Financial Services to analyse current performance, identify areas for improvement and develop and agree action plans to achieve them.  He will also provide feedback on both opportunities and the risks to success.

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Pieter may be able to assist your business to optimise performance starting with a review of the industry and current performance against benchmarks to identify gaps and opportunities.  

With change the constant, having a sounding board outside your business can sometimes assist you when spending time On your business.